Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So ..... yeah ..... :P

Hi Guys,

I have put in a new poll so you can vote on my blog and tell me if it's informative, awesome, interesting, or stupid. so yeah ....

Lately I have been going pretty well but a while ago I was very tired and if you're tired it makes things a lot more painful ... literally! So I advise you not to get tired whilst putting insulin into your body, mate.

Ummm, OK - hopefully Mom will let me buy a new phone for $50 in K'mart, because Marlee, Izi's best friend, bought one there.

Hope everyone out there that looks at my blog that has type one diabetes is feeling well. And all those normal ones as well, of course! Like ... some of my friends :) sorry, can't name anyone. he he he.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Now imagine....

Now, imagine if you were this man.  If I was this man I would poo my pants because it would make me feel like soooo scared.  I hope none of you guys have come sooooooo close to dying.  It makes me think twice before I go and swim out deep, but a shark has not been sighted in Warrnambool for 45 years so that makes me feel a little better but not much.  I hope the people that have diabetes are feeling good today because I am feeling great.  If you are not you should watch a movie or some TV and if you do not like that you can also play soccer or cricket.  If that does not help then I really do not know what would.  I just bought a new watch from K'mart so that is good for me anyway.  You could also swim at the beach if you live near it.  I DO.  Good for me.  HAHAHA.  That was fun - I want to do it again.  No silly .  Why not ?  OK I'll stop the act.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Going well

Hi guys.  I know I haven't updated my blog for a long time but I've felt well for sooooooooo long I haven't had anything to write about.  I am very well and I've gotton used to all the pricking of my fingers to test how high my glucose is and I've also got used to the insulin.  Sometimes I even give myself one shot of insulin in the morning if I'm having pancakes, which I'm having this morning so that will be very yummy.  I'm also having a friend over for a play this afternoon.  On friday I went to watch my sister act in cats which is about stray cats.  It was awsome to watch and I got to see some friends of mine at the performance too.