Monday, 26 September 2011

Now imagine....

Now, imagine if you were this man.  If I was this man I would poo my pants because it would make me feel like soooo scared.  I hope none of you guys have come sooooooo close to dying.  It makes me think twice before I go and swim out deep, but a shark has not been sighted in Warrnambool for 45 years so that makes me feel a little better but not much.  I hope the people that have diabetes are feeling good today because I am feeling great.  If you are not you should watch a movie or some TV and if you do not like that you can also play soccer or cricket.  If that does not help then I really do not know what would.  I just bought a new watch from K'mart so that is good for me anyway.  You could also swim at the beach if you live near it.  I DO.  Good for me.  HAHAHA.  That was fun - I want to do it again.  No silly .  Why not ?  OK I'll stop the act.


  1. Hey Nick,

    Ummmm, what man are we talking about here? I'm a bit lost .....

    Anyways, good post otherwise! Have a great rest of your day!!

    Izi xoxo