Saturday, 17 September 2011

Going well

Hi guys.  I know I haven't updated my blog for a long time but I've felt well for sooooooooo long I haven't had anything to write about.  I am very well and I've gotton used to all the pricking of my fingers to test how high my glucose is and I've also got used to the insulin.  Sometimes I even give myself one shot of insulin in the morning if I'm having pancakes, which I'm having this morning so that will be very yummy.  I'm also having a friend over for a play this afternoon.  On friday I went to watch my sister act in cats which is about stray cats.  It was awsome to watch and I got to see some friends of mine at the performance too. 


  1. Hey Nick!

    Great post. Glad that you are coping better with the diabetes now. Pancakes was yummy this morning, hey?

    I hope you have a lot of fun when your friend comes over this afternoon to hang out with you. I'm also glad that you enjoyed Cats. I'm so sad that it's over now. Ooh well .... next year ......

    Izi :)

  2. Hi Nick

    Nice to see you back blogging again! I'm so glad that you have gotten used to all the finger pricking and needles Our family has been praying for you. I am also happy to see that you have a good attitude about it. They way you see things is the way you'll react to it.

    Sorry I'm sounding a little 'preacher-ish' (:

    From Lauren (:

  3. Hi Lauren,
    thanks for praying for me. It is nice that you do that because it does help when I know someone thinks of my. Lots of love Nicholas xoxo

  4. Hi Izi,
    the friend I had over was heaps of fun. He had jumps that we could jump over and you could jump really far like 10 foot or something like that. I forgot to test this morning so I still do not know what my glucose is so the doctor won't be very happy. Lots of love Nicholas

  5. Hi again, Bro!

    Yeah, I saw you guys having fun out there on the jumps. You will have to get some from K-Mart or somewhere like that.

    It was so much fun fully injecting you at lunch time. Like - I got to hold your arm and put the injection in and push down the thing so that the insulin came out and everything. Awesome. Ummm, can I do it again tonight. ha ha

    no seriously .....


    So I wanted somebody to stalk but nobody was online. So then I decided to come over here but you're not online either so..... :(


    bye bye for now
    love lots

  6. Hi Izi. Yeh sure you can injected me if I'm not to sore but it is very rare that I'm am. Hope you have fun with your friend on Wednesday. Lots of love Nicholas xoxo.