Saturday, 1 June 2013

Long time

Hi guys,  so long since I wrote anything.  I've been going well with the Diabetes. My HbA1c was 6.7 which is really really good.
I was sick the last two weeks so that has bean a struggle for Mum, Dad and I.  I'm recovering now and I'm going to play soccer on the weekend. 
For a tip for all the people out there that are struggling or that are sick my advice is just try your hardest and keep your head high. When your sick it may feel like it will never end but it will.  My Mum and Dad are great and they always are helping me whether I'm sick or not!!! I have to go now and do my Lantus injection.  Nick


  1. Glad to hear your recovering from your sickness, being sick really sucks!
    It's great that you're blogging again ( :

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Being sick really does suck because when I'm sick I can't do very much at all.
    I'm going to start to blogging again too. Thanks for the comment. Nick