Sunday, 5 June 2011

The different shots I have to give myself

I use two different types of  insulin: Novarapid and Lantus.  Novarapid  hurts less because I inject myself with a small dose.  Lantus hurts so much that sometimes I even cry because it is a much bigger dose.  The needles are much longer than the finger-pricking ones because they have to be pushed all the way under your skin.  But the finger ones hurt more which is really weird because they only just puncture the skin.


  1. Hey Nick! Thanks for being brave enough to talk about your experiences with diabetes - I'm sure it will help lots of other kids, and hopefully you too, live with the condition. It really isn't fair that your pancreas has conked out so early in life - there is nothing at all fair or nice about it. But you can choose how you live with it, and what different things you do to cope with it, and so far, you are doing BRILLIANTLY!!! Go, you!!! Love the surfy pic, by the way. Love you lots and lots, Ros.

  2. I really hate diabetes! The worst thing about it is doing all the needles - I would much prefer to rip out my pancreas...

  3. ha ha U sound so professional U should be a dietition when U grow up whahaha