Monday, 6 June 2011

Problems with sore fingers

It is so annoying when my finges are sore and I have to prick them because it really hurts. Every few days I have to change my glucose needles. The thing is, I keep forgetting to change them so every week it hurts a lot. Sometimes even when I put a new needle in it still hurts which really annoys me!!!!!!!!! My paediatrician told me that I can prick my forearm instead of my fingers which sounds really good but I do not want to try it because I think it might hurt more than my fingers. If anyone has tried pricking their arms please tell me what it feels like.


  1. Hi Nike,

    I mean, Nick! mwhaha ok - anyway .... Yeah, ineresting post. It must hurt sooo much to prick your self all the time.

    I'LL TRY THE FOREARM THING FOR YOU! Ok, I have to admit it now, I won't. I'm not as brave as you!

    Izi :)

  2. Thanks Izi. It does really hurt some times on the fingers but it doesn't hurt on my arm and it does not bleed either.