Thursday, 16 June 2011

Support Group

Hi guys, sorry I haven't updated my blog for a while but I've been quite busy. 
Yesterday I went to a support group for type one diabetes families.  They showed me a new type of pricker (glucose tester).  They also gave me a booklet of about a super hero squad that explains diabetes for older kids instead of the teddly bear books they use for younger kids.  This book is cool because it is fun to read  -it is done in cartoon style. 
This week I have had quite a lot of hypos and quite low readings after I played ten minutes of  basketball. But after we had a meeting with some of our new friends with diabetes they said to take some sort of sugar boost just before playing sport and then about ten minutes later have an apple or something to sustain you. We also reduced my insulin by a couple of units and it has stopped me from having so many hypos which is great. But now my blood glucose is a bit high which is OK for a little bit but I may have to have more carbs or insulin.... so we have to keep a close eye  on it. 


  1. Hi Nick,

    That's ok, I haven't updated my blog in a few years either. ha ha, No, well I did it the other week, but it's really due for an update.

    The support group sounds like fun.

    Izi :)

  2. ha ha ha ha ha - the word vertification for the previous comment I left was something something ..... hypo!!!!! How funny :)

  3. Nick, hello :)

    Just thought to tell you .... you shouldn't delete your blog (well, even if you wanted to, you can;t) because it's really cool. Keep the posts up. You may think that nobody is reading it, but people will be, even if they don't comment. Also, you can't expect people to just 'know,' about your blog, you actually have to promote yourself. Even when heaps of people DO know about your awesome blog, you can't expect them to comment unless you are actually following/commenting on THEIR blogspot. So that's just some advie from me. Whatever you do, don't spot writing on your blog, it's really cool.

    Izi xx

  4. Hi Nick!

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I think it's really interesting. I've only know a couple of people that have diabetes, so it's good to read your experiences and learn more. I'm sure many other people feel the same, even if they haven't told you this.

    Also, I like your new tester. It's pretty cool. I think you should write your next blog about it. I can't believe it doesn't hurt you. Do you know how it still pricks you without hurting you? Maybe you could explain that.

    It's been fun staying at your house,

    Aimee xx

  5. Hi Izi.Thanks it really encouraged me not to delete my blog and it really helps when you coment on my blog. thanks heaps!!!!!!
    I'm sorry I have not replied to your comments.