Wednesday, 6 July 2011

All this darn pricking...

One of my friends is coming over for a play but I have to test to see if I can have some of the yummy muffins my sister made.  I am very annoyed that I have to prick my self before I can eat the muffins but at least I can eat afterwards.  Don't you think by now they would have come up with some type of cure for diabetes.  Dar yes!!! They should of come up with sum sort of cure?


  1. They should SOOOOO come up with some sort of cure. I mean ..... what are they thinking. lol. Well, maybe when you grow up you could be a scientist and work towards the cure with the 'group,' that is. Or they would have already found a cure. mwahaha, let's hope so, buddy :)

  2. It is pretty stupid hey, but that is life. They say they probly will have a cure SOON but they have said that for ages so I do not know any more!!!!!!!!!!!!