Saturday, 16 July 2011

No needles!

Yesterday I ran out of needles Accu-check Mobile tester and so I had to prick myself with a really painful needle and I was not too impressed.  Today Mum got some needles which was great.  I did not tell you me and Mum got the wrong needles in the first place, so that was not a great start.


  1. ha ha. that other 'pricker,' sounds very painful. lol. jks. good that you got new ones.

    and I found out why mom & dad were so long away when they were getting them 'needle,' things. cus' they went to aldi. ha ha lol

    i xx

  2. i'm glad you found a solution to painful needles! OUCH!
    Keep up the great and intresting posts! (:

  3. It is good that I have a needle that does not hurt because if not I would cry every night. Thanks Lauren. xoxo

  4. It makes a terrible sound and hurts heaps. xoxo