Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Today I was 10.7 at morning tea so I was not aloud any carbs. Instead I had some salami,cheese,avo and ham.  At lunch I was 5.7 so eating all those non carbs was really good.  Today a friend is coming over for a couple of days which is great because I have not seen her in two months.  She will come for three days.  I do not know why she is coming for such a short time. I think the reason I have not seen her is because she lives 12 hours away.  Here name is Janie and she is awesome!!!!  Janie will arrive at 2.00pm today. 


  1. Good thinking, clever kid.

  2. Thanks fore saying I am clever. xoxo

  3. I'm glad you have a friend coming! I have added your blogs to my blog list, so I hope you get some more followers soon (:


  4. Jaine styed for longer which was great because I was struggling a litle. xoxo

  5. NIKKI!!!!!

    Hey bro :P How come you have like basically ditched your blog? That's like totally wrong dude. You like don't just go and ditch your blogspot, what are you thinking?

    Like ......

    Yeah. So I am sitting here listning to Justin Bieber and it's like ten at night and Mom and Dad are at the shops and you're like dancing or something.

    So yeah like keep it going buddy.

    Izi :)

  6. Hi Iz,
    I haven't updated my blog for a long time but I'm going well so I don't have any thing to write about. How is your blog going? I will try and remember to up date my blog today. Love Nicholas xoxo.